Jared Berry Celebrates 10 Years as Artistic Director

At our December concert, “Into the Light”, we had the absolute honor of presenting our Artistic Director, Jared Berry, with a gift for his 10 year anniversary with the Babylon Chorale.

See below for remarks from president Laura Pokorny:

“This evening we have a unique presentation. The Babylon Chorale family is honoring a very special person to all of us, and that is our artistic director, Jared Berry. Jared is celebrating his 10th year with the Babylon Chorale.

Not just this season, but every Monday night since he arrived, Jared has brought light into our lives. Our theme for this season couldn’t be more appropriate considering what we’ve all been through when we were shut down during the pandemic. Out of the Darkness, and into the Light… this was never more evident than during and after the
pandemic. Since we were unable to rehearse and perform together in person, Jared continued to delight and engage us in weekly sessions, which he coined Virtual Mondays. We were treated to a variety of musicians in the field who brought workshops on folk music, spirituals, storytelling through musical theatre, music from Ireland, Latin American Chorale Music, and even a Messiah sing-a-long to name a few. Jared planned more than two dozen Virtual Mondays to keep the Chorale engaged and inspired throughout our darkest days of musical silence.

As a musical director, Jared has inspired us, challenged us, and elevated us to our highest potential, and he does this with a wonderful sense of humor, captivating story- telling, and unending patience. He is a consummate professional, smart, extremely talented, and a good friend.

Here’s to, hopefully, another 10 years!! Bravo, Jared Berry!!”